Sunday, January 22, 2017

Mani - Pedi

 After instructing me on how exactly to pain her fingers and toes, she then painted mine exactly the same as hers. TWINS!--it's her favorite concept. ;)

All grown up

 With the Cutlers kids staying at our house and all the kids playing downstairs, we decided to play upstairs. We busted out some of our favorite games and taught them to Tim. He's really growing up. And we had so much fun playing with our boy, like we'd play with friends.


 Ken and Kim went on a couples trip and Cutler kid's grandma stayed with them for the week. But when she had to go and Ken and Kim weren't home yet, we got them for a night! My kids were thrilled! We don't do sleepovers so a slumber party with some of their best buds was a fun surprise!! They had a blast! They played and played and stayed up way too late being silly and having fun. So glad we could help our friends and make some memories!

Landon the teenager

He's taller than me.
His voice isn't a child's anymore.
His feet are huge.
His up and down hormones are proof he is truly a teen.
And I can't hardly believe it.
I really don't understand how time can speed up the way it does. This young man in my mind is still a little boy most of the time.
He's still loving and helpful and kind--he's just got a little more teenager in him these days.

The boys

These huge giant people are my boys. My babies. It feels so strange and crazy that two of them are taller than me... they have facial hair and are a blink away from missions and college.
I can't imagine life without them.
They are good men.
I adore them.

Crinkle nose...

She likes to recreate her baby crinkle nose grin.
We like it too. She's pretty adorable.

Family History

Landon was doing family history the other night. We haven't really done any work on Jeff's side--I can't under my account, so he went on under Grandpa Bruce's side and it was pretty exciting! Green temple after green temple showed up and then the kids gathered around him to watch him file all our families names into the reserved slot!
We love family history!!

Our Boy

 I don't know if there's ever been a better pup. We love our boy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just Wednesday

Oh friends. I seriously had the funniest day--and it isn't even over yet! I was helping in Sydney's class this morning. I call kids over and they read to me. I was getting all set up. Two little chairs, books, but my pen didn't have any ink, so I got up to grab a new pen. I came back, looked at little Liam waiting for me, looked at my empty chair and sat. Only in the 2 seconds in between those things, looking at Liam and looking at my chair and turning to sit, another little ...guy needing a chair, grabbed my chair and slid it over to his spot, sending me splat on the ground. haha! It was hilarious and all the Kindergarteners were very concerned for my safety--except my own girlie, who somehow missed the whole thing. Later, I went to the college, I found my classrooms, bought my spring books, paid my fees... an hour later I walked out the door at the same exact second a big pile of snow slid from the college roof--yep, you guessed it, right on top of me. Cold, but funny and I saved a tiny bit of face--no one was around. Then--the best one-- after being a taxi driver for an hour to pick my children from school in this blizzard I follwed Sydney inside. She ran to her room and when I passed by she was dancing her heart out, her hands clutched together at her chest--just the happiest camper ever. Then I watched as she skipped over to her dresser where her fish tank is, she opened her hands and her fish fell back into the tank! SHE HAD BEEN DANCING WITH EMMA THE FISH! I'm pretty sure we have disabled this poor beta fish. She is alive, but she does not quite look the same. She looks crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Like I'm grateful she can't get out of her tank and strangle us crazy. I seriously have laughed a lot today! :)
Happy Wednesday friends.

Saturday, January 07, 2017


 This kid is seriously handsome.
I love this cut.

Bri's Shower

 My girl loves our Bri. She talks about her regularly and wants to get her hair cut all the time just to see her. So of course she went with me to Bri's shower. Bri's niece Roxy was there and the two had a good ol' time together!

Syd was sure Bri's baby would be there. She told me, "Bri said after Christmas..." But he wasn't. haha! She also asked and then approved of Bri's baby names. Bri certainly appreciated that. haha.

Good Old oldies

Tim loves 80's and 90's music.
So, Jeff busted out all our old CD's and the two had a hay-day putting them all on Tim's computer. He's set.

Tanessa's Baptism

 We were very excited to see our Nessa girl get baptized.
And then... (see previous Snow post) it snowed. A lot. And it was crazy crazy cold turning all that beautiful white fluffy snow into ice. The roads were horridly slick and we couldn't leave until after school Friday. Five hours of driving in the dark and ice. :(  In the end we decided it wasn't a wise idea. We were so sad to miss Tanessa's big day, but Kristi sent pictures!


I was reminding the boys that tomorrow is fast Sunday. Sydney has been telling me all day that she wants to fast too. Seth and I were talking about what he would be fasting for when she says "I know what I'm fasting for. A peanut butter jelly sandwich."

Friday, January 06, 2017

Date Night

Love him.
So much.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Snow... snow... snow... snow... and oh yeah, more snow....

 We live in Wyoming... we know snow. Lots and lots of snow. However, in more than 20 years Rock Springs hasn't had a snow day... until today.

It snowed so much and then it all froze... like -30ish degrees. Even the next day when school was back in session the buses were all frozen and half the kids in town couldn't get to school anyway. It has been crazy. Kinda fun, but crazy. And super cold.

 Then we boiled some water and made our own snow! It was pretty awesome too.